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attempts at poison●ing. It should be remembered al●so that by “medicine” is meant incantati■on—that the drug is supposed to act rat●her through the medium of the ■inc


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antation than through any potency of ●its own. Hence the powers of a poison t■o do harm would depend more on th●e magic possessed by the medi●cine man than on the power of

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the drug. So that ●a poison would have no power to injure a me●dicine man possessed of more magic than the m●an administering the drug. After colle●cting more food, I went down■ with it again to the Govern■ment station at Naivasha, the road to ■which, through the bamboo forest, was extrem■ely difficult; but when I wante■d to improve the track the Kikuyu strongly objec●ted, saying that if a road were made it would m■ake it much easier for the Masa■i to raid them. As it was, in case of a rai■d, they could get away with their c■attle through the bamboo forest. B

tors themse●lves. One of the greatest asset


ut ■if roads were made through the forest they w■ould be at the mercy of the raiders. They also ■feared a descent by the Kalyera, another bran■ch of the Kikuyu tribe, along the fringe of who■se country I had to pass when taking s■upplies do


wn to 123 Naivasha. Where their pa●th joined the main road into the Masai● country my caravans were frequently wa●ylaid. To put a stop to this I built a camp a●t the junction of the two paths, and left some ●armed men in charge, but they


were cont■inually being attacked, and several of them were■ killed. On getting the food into Nai●vasha I was told that there was no l●imit to the quantity they would take if■ I could only provide it. I again made a■ report to the Governmen


t as to the difficulty ●I had in obtaining the supplies; but, as usual,■ no notice was taken. CHAPTER VI I ■determine to extend my operations into more r●emote districts of the Kikuyu countr■y—New friends—Native taste for tea 霆Plague


of ants—Curious superstition with rega●rd to milking cows—The Kal


yera reject ●my friendly overtures—Trouble at headquarters 癃Trag


ic interview with a recalcitran■t chief—Gain further prestige ther


eby—●Further plans—Take my Kikuyu f●ollowers down to Mombasa—Th


eir impressions in c■ontact with civilization On ■returning to my


home among the ■Kikuyu I found that the country was fairly qui■et


, so I thought I would take the opportunity ●to explore a little farther into the ■interior, and, if possible, make friends amo●ng some of the other chiefs, thus enlargi■ng the area from which I could draw supplies of ●food. My idea was to build trading stations at■ various points in the country, and, leaving a■ few men in charge at headquarters, ●to organize a fairly large expedition to explo■re other parts of the country and induce the na●tives to make friends and trade with me. T■he first people I wished to come to terms w●ith were the Kalyera, who had g■iv

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en me so much trouble on the ■road to Naivasha. I wished 125 to prevent my ■people being killed when taking the food down●, and as these murders

en of the

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had been on the incre■ase, I was afraid that they w●ould eventually block the road. I determi●ned to keep the route open at all costs, it ■being

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